Top 5 Places to Find a Rehabilitation Nurse Job

Top 5 Places to Find a Rehabilitation Nurse Job

Finding a rehabilitation nurse job can be challenging. In this article, I’ll cover the top 5 places to find nursing jobs in your area.


You can’t go wrong with a hospital. The majority of rehabilitation nurses work in hospitals, and depending on your specialty and experience, there are many different types of jobs available to you.

For example:

  • If you want to work with patients who have suffered traumatic injuries like broken bones or gunshot wounds (which is called orthopedics), then a job as an orthopedic nurse would be ideal. These individuals will help the patient recover from their injuries by assisting with physical therapy exercises and making sure they eat healthy meals while they’re still in recovery mode.
  • On the other hand, if you’re more interested in helping people who are recovering from strokes or heart attacks–and need additional care beyond just physical therapy–then becoming an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse would be best suited for your needs!

Long-term care facility

Long-term care facilities are the most common place to find a rehabilitation nurse job. There are many different types of long term care facilities, however, so it’s important for you to know what kind of facility you want to work at before applying for any jobs. Some long term care facilities are for specific populations, like veterans or people with mental health issues.

Long-term care nurses can also work in long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), assisted living communities and hospices–all places where patients require ongoing medical attention from professionals who specialize in their needs.

Skilled nursing facility

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) are facilities that provide long-term care to individuals who need assistance with activities of daily living. The medical director of the facility is responsible for overseeing all aspects of patient care, including medical and nursing services, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology services.

A rehabilitation nurse works closely with patients in an SNF setting to help them recover from illness or injury so they can return home safely. A lot of what you do will depend on the type of facility where you work, but generally speaking there are three main types: acute care hospitals; long-term acute care hospitals (LTACHs); and SNFs themselves

Home health agency

If you’re just beginning your career and looking for a place to start, home health agencies are a great option. As a rehab nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to work with many different types of patients in their homes. This type of job is excellent for those who enjoy working with people and want an environment that allows them to build relationships with patients outside of the hospital setting. Additionally, as part of your job duties you may travel around town or even across state lines depending on where exactly your clients live!

Rehabilitation clinic

A rehabilitation clinic is a medical facility that provides services for patients suffering from injury, disease or disability. These clinics are often part of hospitals and may also be located in community settings. They provide specialized care to help patients regain their strength and mobility after an illness or injury.

Many rehabilitation clinics hire nurses with different specialties such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech pathology. Some may require you to have certain levels of experience before they will consider hiring you as well (for example: one year).

These are the top 5 places to find a nurse job in your area.

Nurses can find jobs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), home health agencies and rehabilitation clinics. The following are the top five places to find a nurse job:

  • Hospital: Hospitals are one of the best places for nurses because they offer competitive pay and benefits packages. If you’re looking for a job in a hospital setting but don’t have any experience yet or have only been out of school for a few months, apply anyway! Many hospitals will hire new grads with no experience whatsoever as long as they have completed their nursing program successfully and passed their boards exams on their first try (which is rare).
  • SNF: A skilled nursing facility (SNF) provides care for patients who require long-term treatment due to illness or injury but aren’t able to live independently anymore due either temporarily or permanently depending on what type of illness/injury they suffer from – think strokes versus broken legs here folks! You might also hear these types called “skilled units” which refers specifically only those patients who require specialized therapy services such as physical therapy etc…

If you’re looking for a nursing job in your area, the best place to start is by searching through the listings on and then contacting the top five places that interest you. The next step will be to get prepared for interviews by completing our free nurse resume builder tool or reading some tips on how to ace one!

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