How Students Should Prepare from School Level to Attend UPSC Exams?

How Students Should Prepare from School Level to Attend UPSC Exams?


For recruiting the future civil servants, Union Public Service Commission conducts the civil service exam every year. It is the toughest exam and clearing this exam is the goal for many candidates. Most of the youth dream to join civil service. Civil service coaching in Chennai offered by top institutes remains very helpful for school students. Every year approximately five lakh candidates appear for the civil service exam in the aim of becoming an IAS, IPS or IFS officer. The candidates should seriously focus and prepare for this exam. They should spend a minimum of 8 hours for preparation. They should be dedicated. 

Many candidates obtain civil service coaching in Chennai or other cities and some candidates prepare on their own. The age limit for candidates who wish to write the civil service exam is 21 years but they should start their preparation well in advance since there is a restriction on the number of attempts and the age limit. Many candidates start their preparation from their school days itself. The candidate needs proper guidance and support to clear the civil service exam. 

The probability of clearing this toughest exam is high in the young age. Since at a young age their minds are very sharp and young so that they can complete many topics and quick span of time. They can spend more time on their preparation.

Student Life Preparation

If a student seriously wishes to become an administrative civil service officer, then the student should concentrate on the subjects taught in the school. They should spend their time in learning and understanding the concept. The student should study with dedication because if a student starts his or her preparation during college then the student should again spend their time studying the school subject which is useful for clearing the preliminary examination. 

It is a waste of time and in that time students can concentrate on other topics. The syllabus for the civil service exam is vast so time should be properly utilized. The students should develop a base for comprehensive knowledge during their school time itself it will be very helpful for them during their preparation.

For a school student, it may look like overburden but it is fine to work during the early age than feeling stressed during your last time since there is an upper age limit restriction for the civil service exam. NCERT books are followed in several best IAS coaching centres in Chennai so it is better to utilize them during your school life itself. 

NCERT books will help the candidates to clear the first level of civil service exam. The preliminary test is the qualifying test for the candidates to appear in the main exam. The candidates who score a minimum of 33% can be considered as a qualified candidate to appear in the main civil service exam which decides the allotment of post based on the total score. So, concentrate more on the NCERT books during your school days it will be of great help in your final preparation. 

A candidate should first prepare for the civil service exam using basic books like NCERT books. Once they are done with the NCERT books then they can focus on the other complicated books which are recommended and issued by many civil service coaching centres. The student preparing for the competitive exam should be first clear with the exam syllabus then they can prepare at their own speed. Being at school it is recommended to concentrate only on the school subject. If a student starts their preparation from school days then he or she will have a lot of time. This way, the student can study slowly. 

Being a student start cultivating the habit of reading News Paper it will be very helpful in clearing the competitive exam. First it will be difficult but once you start continuing this practice you will enjoy reading News Paper. If you feel difficulty in reading News Paper then read good magazine that covers current affairs. Read monthly magazine or some important editorials or articles which are related to the civil service exam. 

During school days, concentrate on the quality, learn the subject with full dedication without considering the number of topics covered. In College choose your graduation subject related to the subject you choose as an optional paper for the main IAS exam. It will be very useful for your preparation.

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