Further Education (FE) Lecturer Job

Further Education (FE) Lecturer Job

Further Education (FE) Lecturer Job

Have you ever thought of a career change and turning to further education lecturing? Well now’s the time to start. Teaching is such a rewarding career in more ways than one. As a teacher you are able to share you knowledge of various subjects with students in various environments including Further Education Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, Adult or Community Education Centres, Universities, as well as various charitable and voluntary organisations.

Further Education Lecturers teach students of all levels starting from beginner straight through to advanced levels. Any further education qualification that a student achieves can count as a vocational or even academic qualification that would better prepare the student for working life in that field or enhance their knowledge of that subject for personal interest.

Historically, further education lecturers have mainly dealt with post 16 as well as adult learners but they are now becoming more involved with younger students within the 14-19 year old curriculum range. This means they are able to provide a wider service to their students and are also able to improve their own methods of teaching as they are constantly having to adapt the way they teach to accommodate the speed at which different students pick up the material being taught as well as being able to cover q wider variety of subjects by increasing their own subject knowledge and expanding their field of knowledge.

Typical job description

A further education lecture has various activities and duties that they would undertake as part of their role, some of these are highlighted below:

• The ability to plan and prepare lesson plans and guides

• Teaching a variety of subjects types at different levels during the day, evening and at various workshops including teaching people of different backgrounds, abilities and ages groups.

• Researching and developing material for new courses – these should be a mix of online resources including lesson guides and plans and well as course outlines

• Monitoring as well as being able to mark students work at an exceptionally high standard with an un-biased view.

• You will also be required to conduct one to one tutorials and help sessions with students and monitoring their progress along the way enabling them to develop and prosper.

• Adhering to all college policies and contributing towards the development of the educational institution in team meetings by suggesting new innovations in teaching and suggesting ways win which the teaching of existing courses can improve.

Additional tasks include conducting administrative duties as well as being able to attend various taster sessions, open days, parents’ evenings as well as career and education conventions and workshops.

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