5 Reasons Why School Holiday Tours Are Essential

5 Reasons Why School Holiday Tours Are Essential

A School holiday tour is an expedition outside the framework of the school in order to take the pupils to see and know other realities. Opinions and reviews shared on Reviewsbird.co.uk consider it a journey of discovery and learning. Students set off in groups, with teachers, to a destination chosen according to the purpose of the outing, often an academic goal.

Here are five (5) reasons why school holiday tours are quite essential.

1. Unite and Mobilize Around a Project

Spending several days outside of school, being in a community 24 hours a day, inevitably strengthens group cohesion within the class. A new dynamic is taking shape. Most of the time, the students are very motivated by this experience before, during, and after the stay. It is therefore the moment to involve them in the preparation of the project but also to make them work on a post-stay presentation. The journey can thus constitute the common thread of an entire year, around an educational project.

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2. Provides an Opportunity to Teach Differently

Such a stay will be an opportunity to change the representations of school learning through direct contact with the natural environment. The discovery of sites or original works does not provide the same emotions as reproductions on paper or screen. This gives meaning to the learning, which is sometimes abstract. School trips also make it possible to mobilize knowledge from different disciplines and make them complementary. Finally, for some students, it is the opportunity to better understand a concept that escaped them.

3. Establishes another Student/Teacher Relationship

The school trip allows you to get to know the students better. In a more relaxed context and outside the walls of the school, the real personalities are revealed. It is a formidable human experience that modifies the relations between pupils and teachers. This parenthesis generally allows you to change the atmosphere of the class during the rest of the school year.

4. Allows Students to Share Moments and Experience Pleasure

A moment of collective life shared with the whole class is never trivial in the social experience of a child and his teacher. The school trip is made of discoveries and encounters. It is the opportunity for the pupils to leave the family cocoon, even their country, and to share a moment of relaxation, in a pleasant environment. What a reward for a teacher to see his students marveling and happy to learn!

5. Awakens Your Curiosity

School trips are a way of making students want to be curious, to travel, to speak foreign languages. For some students, the school trip is the one and only possibility to travel. The mission of the school trip is therefore to make them want to discover new things, to help them learn, and to overcome their fear of the unknown. The teacher then fully plays his role of transmission.

In conclusion, school trips are interesting learning and discovery opportunities. They provide benefits for teachers and also for students. It is important that, during their school career, a child takes part at least once in a school trip. This allows him to emancipate himself a little and to touch other things outside his usual environment.

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