5 Mistakes That Could Cost Your Job in Networking Career

A working professional is constantly under immense pressure to stay and secure his job. A lot of factors play a vital role in shaping your career. This requires one to be vigilant and updated with the market trends and skills. A good combination of behavioural and professional skills decides your career growth.

  1. Facts Embellished in Your Resume: A common issue faced by the employers is the fact that the details put up in the resume are not always correct and true. A lot of people lie about their job profile, their stint with previous job companies, their projects and skillsets. When the details are checked with their references, it turns out to be false. This can be a serious issue leading to the termination of the job offer.
  2. Go Well Prepared for the Interview: Despite having a great resume and being suitable for the job opening, an interview can make or break your chances of getting the job. Always go well-prepared for the interview and be presentable. Let’s say you have got an interview letter for networking careers. You need to research for the common questions that are asked in networking career interviews and go well prepared to answer them. Put all the things that can cause distractions aside, including your phone and purse or wallet. Checking your phone frequently shows lack of interest towards your job and is a definite no. Showing up on time for the interview displays your interest and value for the interviewer’s time. These plus points, when ignored, create an impression, which can cost your job.
  3. Stay Professional at Work: Although fun activities at work are encouraged, staying professional and abiding by the company policies is very important. Always remember to abide by the confidentiality clauses and maintain corporate decorum in the work premises. Any kind of behaviour, which is not as per the company guideline, can get you terminated from your job.
  4. Team Player or Individual Contributor:  Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and skillsets required in the industry. If you want to build up networking careers, stay updated about the latest happenings in the networking field. Analyse if you are an individual contributor or a team player. Being proactive and delivering on time helps bring you recognition and keeps your job secured, for at time of recession, poor performance takes a toll on your job. Always showcase your interest and dedication towards your job. Failing to make timely deliverables can definitely cost your job.
  5. Going Silent: When you are looking for a job or working somewhere, always be available over phones or emails so that your team or hiring manager can contact you. Not responding on time to emails or phone calls can land you jobless. Always ensure you are available to your colleagues and hiring manager.

Procuring and staying in a job requires constant effort towards your work commitments. Always play it safe at work to ensure your job is not at stake.

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