Going on a Teaching Tour

I’ve been teaching English while seeing the world thanks to the TEFL Academy. I used to work as a garbage man for the city and didn’t really like the job. I felt that the job was holding me back and that I could do so much more beyond that. I saw an ad about the academy and became interested in going abroad and teaching English to people who wanted to learn it. I signed up for the courses and after completing them, I was ready to start teaching. The first place I taught English at was a city in China.

The cultural difference between China and my own country was interesting, but I was able to adjust. I even started to learn Chinese words and could read the symbols. There are a lot of symbols to learn in the Chinese language, but if you can make out some of the most common ones, it will go a long way with getting what you need in the country. I think the ones that I picked up on first were the ones that were related to food. I was teaching some teenagers who were around high school age, and they were very receptive to my teaching methods.

I stayed in China for a year, but instead of going back to my home country, I decided that I wanted to teach a little bit more. For the second time, I signed up to teach in Japan, which wasn’t too far from China. Some of the same symbols that I had learned from the Chinese language were present in the Japanese language and shared similar meanings, which was a big help to me. This time I was teaching to some kids who were much younger. They were the cutest little kids that I had ever seen.